Mille foglie

This house is naturally inscribed into the outlines of the terrain, recreating the traditional chalet con-cept. Compensating for the lay of the land, the entrance side has only two stories as opposed to the three-storied back.

The house reveals itself gradually, first presenting its personality via carefully selected materials, in a complex combination of warm colors of stone and colder accents of the facade. Next, the eye meets the graceful cornices, gentle play of light and shadow on the tiled footpaths, the marble chips and bricks of the walls. Suddenly the entire house comes to life, fascinating as a new companion.

The property also includes a tennis court, a gym, and other active recreation space. This is not just a tribute to fashion but an important part of the residents' lives reflected in the architecture. The pool with a dynamic pattern in the front created by wooden supports and beams, sets off the imposing main space. The flat expanse of the lawn brings out the gentle swell of the terrain.