A Sweet Country Home

The chalet is one of the most influential architectural styles across the globe. The term comes from the French word for heat, chaleur, evoking warmth, coziness, and hospitality.

The idea started out as a shelter in the mountains, dependable and protective. It makes us think of safety, of the kindness of friends and family. But that philosophical meaning is just one aspect of the chalet’s appeal. Its alpine aesthetics have proven to be visually appealing as well, especially in terms of exterior design. The hallmark feature of a chalet is its use of various finishes for different walls, leaving plenty of room for creative designs. Traditionally, the walls that faced the sunny side of the house, which was usually the valley, were whitewashed. By contrast, walls facing the shady side—the mountains—were protected with additional wooden siding. The chalet style inspired the creators of this home to using an array of different textures, both in the finishes and in landscaping. In addition to the main house, the ensemble comprises several other beautiful structures: a rotunda guest house and a grapevine-laced trellis corridor. Different finishes on these architectural works allowed us to paint a variety of visual images, gradually opening up to view as you walk through the property, not unlike a lovely chalet against its Alpine backdrop.