Valley of Dreams

While even until recently the term "eclecticism" sounded almost offensive among Russian architec-tural critics, implying kitsch and a lack of taste, a more favorable concept of fusion involves amal-gamation and mutual enrichment of different styles, reflecting the social changes inevitably taking place in our world of increasing population density.

Fusion in interior design allows for an original innovative approach to traditions and styles.

In the interior design of this suite, the combination of elements of classicism, Art Deco, and high-tech produces a unique atmosphere of comfort and freedom – a modern living space for people open to new experience. One-of-a-kind accents contribute to this special ambience.

The heart of the living room is a circle of light created by the room layout, the surface of the ceiling, and an elegant chandelier that appears to gather the free space around itself.

The gossamer play of light on the mirror frame, along the gentle lines of the sofas, and on glossy surfaces becomes the main character of the interior, filling the house with air, lightness, and warmth.