At times, materials and figures speak about architectural projects louder than the most enthusiastic reviews. These are the facts about this home: granite from Valaam, that sacred Karelian archipelago of islands; an alley with thirty chestnut trees (each twelve meters tall); indoor tennis courts; and over thirty fireplaces. The Stonehenge is a tribute to Frank Lloyd Wright, a legendary figure of world architecture. It is the influence of Wright’s Prairie style that ties everything together in the complex: the powerful horizontal lines of the roofs and balconies, the abundance of natural stone and wood, and the cross-axial floor plan. The beauty of this highly suggestive architectural style is that one can improvise on it ceaselessly, producing fresh design every time. With contemporary technologies for comfortable living and a greater freedom in customizing one’s home, the Wright style got a new lease on life as an engaging and beautiful luxury home. Is it possible to compose a coherent picture out of elements such as a man-made lake, a professional-grade kitchen complete with wine cellars, a tennis court, and a bowling alley, as well as several storage sheds and garages for an extensive collection of cars? It turns out that this is more than possible. This cohesively designed, inviting house sports thousands of square meters and immense functionality, but most of all, it is a home—stylish and ready to serve.