Harmony with Nature

This project references classic Russian architecture by centering wood, its key material. Here, traditional pediments become ever more delicate and elegant; they seem to invite you to sit down for a heart-to-heart chat. The pastel color palette draws on remarkable examples of Russian pre-revolutionary elite’s summer residences such as the Sheremetev Palace or the Vorontsov Palace. The intricate pattern of the railing continues in the fine enclosures of the little bridges in the park. The railing does not so much frame the building, separating or protecting it, but rather unifies the space, helping blend the manor and its environment into a coherent whole. When we were designing this large architectural ensemble, our goal was to preserve the old-growth forest around it, and this goal largely determined the manor’s appearance, bringing together individual spaces with different functions and styles. This emphasis on harmony with surrounding nature is a traditional feature of the estates owned by Imperial Russian aristocrats. The manor is clearly compartmentalized: private spaces speak stylistically of Russian wooden architecture, while public areas reflect classic style.