Seaside Paradise

This property is a dream come true, a chance to get the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. A villa by the sea, in beautiful Crimea. The genius loci of this place, its deepest history, is the point at which civilizations meet at their outset. This villa’s style harmoniously melds allusions to the ancient Tauric Chersonesos and the Genoese fortress in Sudak, as well as elements from a Venetian palazzo and the palaces of the distant Alhambra and the nearby Bakhchisaray. The genius of this place speaks the language of global southern, seaside, architecture. A line of red tiled roofs stretches along the terrain. Lovely terraces with pergolas, deep shaded porches, arcades, staircases, and passages double as words whispering about the sea. This ensemble is built in such a way that it looks equally magnificent from different standing points. From the deck of a pleasure boat, one is impressed by this house as part of a coastal panorama, where buildings seem to shimmer like crystals in the southern sun against the backdrop of wild greenery. This home shines in particular with its perfectly chiseled architectural proportions and its attention to the decoration and finishes of the facades. Add to this a monumental park landscape with preserved old trees, including four-hundred-year old olive trees, as well as the pleasures of a private beach, and this property truly stands out as a blessing amidst this blessed land.