Empire Style, Moscow-Style

There is always light in this interior, even though it is neither a dormer nor a townhouse with a panoramic window. A wall-to-wall view of the entire space creates a sense of transparency and light. This effect was achieved through extensive remodeling: sunrooms have been winterized, partition walls, taken down, and archways added to adorn the structural supports. The light is palpable, dancing over the subtle lines of the interior decor and bringing its delicate shades to life. All the molding that appears to be stucco is made of wood, reminiscent of Russian village architecture. Known for its soft shapes, this style enriches the textures of the interior. The floor is made of marble, but lacks the pretense that is sometimes associated with this material: a charming floor pattern tones it down. A magical ambience stays with you as you walk through various rooms, from the spacious entrance hall to the cozy kitchen. It is as if you can hear tropical surf and the rustling of lush greenery from the outside. This interior is designed for living well on an everyday basis. Wrought-iron light fixtures, mosaics on walls, rich flooring—all creates a sense of classic style. The warm colors of the walls accentuate the elegance of the furniture’s contours. A common color scheme unifies the space, creating flow from the entrance hall to the kitchen and from one room to the next.