A Restored Residence by Lake Geneva

This house is located on the shores of Lake Geneva. It is a house with a history, either harkening back to a farm renovated into a modern dwelling or a modern house that resembles a large farm. In either scenario, its unique details and facade design suggest a beautiful large farm. The estate-like property has been restored to an uncluttered, austere luxury home style typical of the Canton of Geneva. Traditional timber framing and a fountain at the entrance are stylistic elements that add character and an individual touch to the house. The house is surrounded by a bespoke garden, cultivated for over 30 years with care. Together with the vast farmlands in the backdrop, it provides a natural frame to the house and makes a jewel of landscape design. The house’s current architectural structure is a result of rather extensive remodeling on the basis of work by excellent Swiss construction film. Although several poor remodeling efforts had damaged the authentic appearance of the house, original design drawings were available, and allowed to restore many of the original features that had been lost in additions over the years.