If a house is a universe of sorts, the elements within this universe must be in a state of dynamic balance. Balancing the elements in interior design is one distinctive feature of Art Deco. Its rich pal-ette continues to inspire architects and designers, and this suite is an excellent example of such in-spiration.

Certain accents directly – and naturally – borrowed from the early 20th century style, including wooden panels and wall inlays, are matched with other details made of modern materials.

The solid furniture and warm, subtle tones of living room make it the focal point of the earth element.

Next to it is water, which resides in the mysterious depths of the fish tank and the shimmering rip-ples of the fountain, framed with bright ornamented tiles.

Plant life spreads across both the water domain of the bathrooms and the kingdom of earth on bright inserts among the wooden panels. The floral motifs of the paintings are typical for Art Deco.

In the children's rooms, the polyphony of colors as though dissolves the wall confines, revealing en-tire worlds where the sea, the sun, and the mountains beckon to the land of adventure and magic.