Flemish theme

A long-sloped tile roof, in-wall chimney shapes easily recognizable from afar, the brick patchwork of clay shades, the hallmark lattice windows, and the asymmetrical facade – the house immediately appears Dutch, thorough and solid both in spirit and form.

However, French influence is clearly present as well, most of all in the elegance of details and gen-eral lines. The plantscapers have achieved a smooth transition from the trimmed shrubbery to the wilder part of the garden and back to the pergolas and archways.

The garden well is presented as an elegant art object at the center of a miniature garden square. Open space of the terrace and garage areas lend to the property a southern airy feel. Another high-light is the unmistakably French wooden shutters on the large windows.

This first-line waterfront property is separated from the lake with a public recreation area and a pic-turesque row of pines, which make up a countryside promenade.

In order not to interfere with the private life of the owners, A simple and elegant architectural solu-tion keeps the residents’ lives fully private: the first floor of the house is raised four feet above the ground level. This affords an excellent view on the lake and the pine trees while providing the dis-cretion necessary for true comfort.