La Felicita

As the cradle of Western civilization, Mediterranean culture has long been a source of inspiration to writers, musicians, artists, and architects across the globe.

The interior design of this house is yet another homage to the general concept of a Mediterranean villa, from the earliest of Hellenic ruins to later Roman variations.

Mediterranean motifs are evident in the patterns of the floor mosaic as well as in the ornaments of the entrance and interior doors. The property’s main appeal, however, is the organic use of modern materials in prominent structural elements. One example is the joists of dark polished concrete that capture the essential spirit of the past and enhance the house’s general ambience of historical au-thenticity.

Textured fabrics and tapestry, antique columns and plinths with stylized vases, and the play of light and shadow create the immersive effect of traveling through time.

Even a cursory glance is enough to realize that this interior design is not a random collection of dis-parate elements; it has been conceived, grown, and refined, thus acquiring a heritage of its own and blending seamlessly with the historical Moscow surroundings.