The philosophical and aesthetic feud of the straight and curved geometry is one of the fundamental concepts that permeate the entire history of architecture. Although straight lines have been often criticized for their coldness and prudishness, it is not just lines but materials as well that can create coziness and warmth. Natural stone, wood, and certain metal finishes in an interior design dominat-ed by straight geometry may reveal an exquisitely rich palette.

The straight lines in the design of this house are predetermined by the logic of the construction itself: it is a frame-based structure. The design plays freely with the complex interior, creating the effect of multiple exposure. In other words, the interior geometry approaches infinity.

Familiar objects presented from different vantage points become visually novel, be it the bright spot of the fish tank or the floral ornaments on tile inserts. The minimalist aesthetics reveal the rich tex-ture of materials augmented by finely detailed finish features.