Art-nouveau. Incarnate

Today’s architecture and design increasingly lean toward the emotional. Since universal symbols and images used in the interior design are primarily addressed to the residents, deciphering the emotional message they carry should not require any special expertise.

The key motif of this suite is a complex circular movement, a perpetual waltz performed by the forged Art Nouveau staircase. Visually powerful main elements make one think of book illustrations and posters of the late 19th-early 20th century rather than of conventional spatial solutions.

The living room with two-level windows makes up the apartment’s core, from which sensual decorations flow out and engulf the entire suite like a river.

The designers’ concept takes on a more reserved tone in the tailored kitchen and continues with a rich palette of wood textures decorating the study. A bright graffiti sets a merry mood at the children's bedroom.

The interior design expresses a whole range of emotions so vividly that a walk through the suite reminds one of a story line: here is an ideal spot to propose marriage, there is a nook to swear on friendship and share secrets – put all together, this is the best place to live a full life according to your own script!