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How is it possible at all to get together into one “homely” image an artificial lake, a professional kitchen with wine cells, a tennis court, a bowling, numerous garages for a large automobile collection and sheds?

It turns out to be possible. For not all of these thousands of square meters with various functions play the main part.

Villas, Stonehenge, photo 005
Villas, Stonehenge, photo 005a
Villas, Stonehenge, photo 002

There are architectural complexes where at times dry language of numbers and facts can express more than the most praiseworthy and emotional reviews. Let us just enumerate them: stones specially delivered from Valaam, alley of thirty 12-meter chestnuts, roofed tennis courts, over 30 fireplaces.

This complex is devoted to the legendary personality in the world architecture F. L. Wright. It is his spirit that unites everything. One cannot fail to recognize the influence of “Prairie” houses in the paved horizons of roofs and balconies, the priority of stone and wood and in the specific cross planning.

However, it seems, fascination of really outstanding styles lies right here allowing endless variability to play with. The Wright Style inoculated with modern comfort technology and with the owners freer handling of their home has got a new life – intense and colorful.

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