Villas, Solovki, photo 001


Villas, Solovki, photo 003
Villas, Solovki, photo 004

With all these the house is perfectly functional and up to date. The living room space spilling over into the dining-room and the kitchen has become characteristic of today’s planning solutions. The whole family gathers here. The forest looks through the high windows of the living room located in the tower. The small cozy bedrooms and the cabinet are upstairs under the sloping roof. Integrality of the image creates the feeling of spiritual tranquility and estrangement from worldly fuss. One comes back here as one keeps coming back to Solovki. Here is the Home.

Villas, Solovki, photo 005
Villas, Solovki, photo 005a
Villas, Solovki, photo 006
Villas, Solovki, photo 002
3D image, white marker

Solovki... The spiritual stronghold of the Russian North. The islands would not let anybody go if one came there even once. The customer of the house met the architect on Solovki in students’ restoration team and both became ... “Solovki – bleary-eyed”. The image of the house refers to the Russian style of the beginning of XX century manifested in illustrations by Ivan Bilibin to Russian folk tales, in paintings by Viktor Vasnetsov and in music by Igor Stravinsky.

The means of expression are united by the general idea. Sloping stone walls which are like roots of century old trees and white terem – like facades with picturesquely designed apertures and whole logs in the roof structure – all is united in a complex composition of sculpted like spaces.

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