Villas, Sauvez un arbre, photo 001

Sauvez un arbre

Villas, Sauvez un arbre, photo 003
Villas, Sauvez un arbre, photo 004

While designing this large complex one of the key tasks was to save the relic forest, and that determined the approach to the image making which was “got together” of several separate spaces, each of which having its own function and style solution.

It is a traditional format of a Russian country estate which has been always in harmony with the nature, relief and surroundings. All the space is unobtrusively but distinctly zoned: the private part is a stylized Russian wooden architecture; guest space is in Classic style.

Villas, Sauvez un arbre, photo 005
Villas, Sauvez un arbre, photo 005a
Villas, Sauvez un arbre, photo 002
3D image, white marker

In that project cited Russian Classic, its characteristics are determined by the material – wood. Classic frontons, columns become lighter and more refined as if inviting for a friendly chat. Pastel color scheme reminds of well-known architectural monuments of Russian nobility – countryside palaces of Sheremetev and Vorontsov. Intricate design of fences and lace of bridges in the park do not only distinguish or “protect” the building but mostly unite the landscape and the architecture.

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