Apartments, Moscow empire, photo 001

Moscow empire style

Apartments, Moscow empire, photo 002

There is always plenty of light in this interior though it is not an attic or a panoramic townhouse. Reach-through perspective and lit-up space appeared thanks to warm loggias and space enlarging after partly re-planning: the walls limiting perspective in the living room were demolished and the support structures were decorated with arches.

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Apartments, Moscow empire, photo 006

Magic follows you everywhere – from the wide hall to the cozy kitchen; you seem to hear lapping of warm waves and rustle of luxuriant southern vegetation through the windows. This interior is man commensurate. Classic style is expressed in forged chandeliers, wall mosaics and rich floor decor. Warm wall gamut emphasizes fine lines of the furniture. The united color design of the space from the hall to the kitchen looks as a whole and ensures a smooth passage from one premise to another.

Apartments, Moscow empire, photo 004

The sunlight seems material here: it resides in light-weight lines of all elements of design and in gentle color nuances of the interior decoration. All “stucco mouldings” are made of wood, which is rather traditional in Russian school of design, – giving a special softness to the lines and enriching the textural palette of the interior.

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