Villas, Mille foglie, photo 001

Mille foglie

Villas, Mille foglie, photo 003
Villas, Mille foglie, photo 004

The house ensemble includes a tennis court, gymnasium and open space for active rest is not a tribute to fashion but an important part of the owners’ life realized in architecture. Dynamic pattern of the facade pronounced by wooden pillars and beams and reflected in the swimming pool emphasizes the general brutal dimension. Even green lawn reveals the relief play.

Villas, Mille foglie, photo 005
Villas, Mille foglie, photo 005a
Villas, Mille foglie, photo 002

The house is made in a traditional chalet scheme, it is built into the relief being its continuation. The facade has different floor number: two floors at the entrance and three floors at the forest side.

This is a house-invitation. It opens gradually, at first glance it reveals its character in a careful choice of materials, in a complicated combination of warm (stone) and cold (walls) colors of the facade. Then an attentive eye notices fine cornices, the play of light and shadow on the path tiles, on marble aggregate and on brick walls. It is not trivial, but not pretentious either.

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