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Lake Geneva.

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The house is surrounded by a unique garden which has been cultivated with great care for over 30 years and by wide space of farmlands naturally “enframing” the pearl of a landscape design. The architectural form is a result of a global reconstruction of the old house, once made on the basis of a rather worthy project by a Swiss company. But the authentic appearance was damaged by several inappropriate reconstructions. However, the availability of the project drafts made it possible to reconstruct many features of the initial scheme which had been lost in the process of building extra spaces during the house lifespan.

Villas, Lake Geneva, photo 005
Villas, Lake Geneva, photo 006
Villas, Lake Geneva, photo 006a
Villas, Lake Geneva, photo 002

The house is situated on the bank of Lake Geneva. The construction pattern in this Canton is either a former farmhouse upgraded to modern environment or a modern house reminding a farmhouse by its elements and facade design.

The estate has regained corresponding to the place, nature and surroundings style of a villa traditional for Canton of Lake Geneva – laconic and austere. At the same time a traditional framed structure and a fountain at the entrance were well-placed, being important stylistic elements lending individuality to the house.

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