Villas, Folk house, photo 001

Folk house

Villas, Folk house, photo 003

Located next to this house, and especially getting inside, you feel that he is a – it's not "Disneyland" is not a one-time holiday decoration. The house is really more like a piece of urban planning which happened to be very organic.

Numerous arches, sharp pediments, retaining walls overhanging volumes of the second floor, a combination of different types of stone, brick, stucco and wood finishes – all combined by translational, growing upward movement.

Villas, Folk house, photo 004
Villas, Folk house, photo 002

It is a real fairy tale world. A “gingerbread” small-scale town with framework houses’ walls and slopping roofs of towers was constructed in the Moscow region. It is as multi-layered as a strudel and as multidimensional as a music score by Mozart.

It is a rare case when winter landscape is so becoming. The fairy tale spirit is only intensified by surrounding snowdrifts.

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