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Italy has always occupied a special place in Russian culture. Writers went there to get inspired, composers strived to excel it in opera, and art education was not considered complete without a trip to the motherland of antique culture.

Many people even now wish to make a small piece of this country at their home. The given interior is a reference to the collected image of a Mediterranean villa from ancient Hellenic ruins to later Roman variants.

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Complex relief of the ceiling divides the united space into zones. Dark beams of aged wood intensify the historic effect, being a very significant motif of the house. And even a superficial glance notices at once that the interior is not got together as a construction set out of readymade elements, but cultivated and filled with its own history and hence so organic in Moscow.

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Lively antique spirit is realized in modern materials – polished concrete, stainless steel and is intensified by modern furniture. This variation organically includes modern fabrics, carpets and functional games with lamps. Mediterranean motives are traceable in the patterns of the floor mosaic in the entrance zone and in the decor of doors, and most of all in savoring materials served like the best ingredients of a favorite dish.

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