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Eco villa

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The straight line design in this house is predetermined by the logic of the construction – it is a carcass structure. This structure allows a free play with complex space and makes “a multiple exposure” possible. In other words, one can study the interior infinitely.

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From different points of view interior of this house looks differently; either a bright spot of aquarium comes in the foreground or floral ornaments on the tile insets. Close to minimalism esthetics reveals the textural richness of materials intensified by fine finishing.

Villas, Eco villa, photo 002

Philosophic and esthetic dispute about which line is more beautiful – straight or curved – has been going on throughout the whole history of architecture. Straight lines were often criticized for coldness and toughness. However, coziness is not created only by lines but also by materials. So, natural stone, natural wood and professionally finished metal reveal their rich palette perfectly in a straight line interior.

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