Villas, Chalet, photo 001


Villas, Chalet, photo 003
Villas, Chalet, photo 004

The house’s plan reiterates the complex shape of the site logically developing both in the interior and in the facade space. Its constructive solutions – the portal entrance with massive columns and roof slopes – also serve as decor.

Professionals are sure to appreciate an elegant layout of guest rooms on the first floor, well-thought out distribution of light streams. If we completely change the approach and evaluate the effect from the owners’ and their guests’ points of view, the general image comes to the foreground – powerful and well-balanced.

Villas, Chalet, photo 005
Villas, Chalet, photo 005a
Villas, Chalet, photo 002
3D image, black marker

Preserving the status of my “stronghold” the house shows openness to the environment peculiar to the architecture of the 21 century. The facade grows like mountain slopes rising gradually not overloaded with details. The windows’ reflections on the light-colored wall of the first floor add coziness and individuality to a somewhat austere look.

The heart of the interior is the dining room with two tiers of large windows which create a smooth transfer to the garden in the back of the house not breaking integrity of the total space.

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